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About Us

What A Gyrl Wants Adult Boutique was founded in 2012, by a mother-daughter duo, in the efforts of educating and enlightening the community on the benefits and essentialism of having a healthy and abundant sex life. 

WGW started with a boutique-style store located in a sexually non-affluent neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The mother-daughter team has made it their priority to offer an environment that promotes confidence, self-esteem, and sexual education while encouraging the awareness and fulfillment of one’s sexual needs and desires. 

WGW also offers classes and workshops with these same principles in mind. We believe that a healthy, fun-filled sex life is necessary in not only our early years, but throughout the entire span of life. 

We pride ourselves in offering friendly, discreet, and most importantly a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience. Our mission is to continue to enlighten, educate, and liberate the sexual experience through our merchandise, our openness, our honesty and our encouragement. What A Gyrl Wants is completely judgment free, and we welcome every race, creed, sex, sexual orientation and experience level.
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